About WCC

The World Cultural Council is an international organisation whose objectives are to promote culture, values and goodwill throughout the world. One of its central activities is to grant the Albert Einstein World Award of Science, the José Vasconcelos World Award of Education and the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts to men and women whose work has substantially enhanced the cultural legacy of mankind.

It was in 1981, backed by distinguished personalities, scholars, university presidents and organisation executives around the world, that the WCC was founded. Several Nobel laureates figure among the Council's members. 

Mission and aims of the World Cultural Council

The mission of the World Cultural Council is to increase the efficient and positive use of knowledge and promote fraternity among people, nations and governments, based on true understanding among all, regardless of ideology, opinion, religion, race or gender. The aim is to forge and further relationships with and among prestigious scientific, educational and cultural organisations worldwide, fostering a culture of well-being, peace and fraternity across the globe. 

The most important objectives of the World Cultural Council are

  • To establish relations with the most important scientific, cultural, educational and social institutions throughout the world.
  • To compile data and useful research aimed at improving the social, cultural, moral and spiritual advancement of humankind. 
  • To reward scientific research, which brings progress to mankind.
  • To bring together top-level scientists, educators and researchers in order to foster constant and enriching communication. 
  • To recognise educational contributions that have had a significant influence on the advancement of the scope of culture.
  • To promote art in all its expressions and reward those artists whose work is most deserving of world recognition. 

 For further details, please visit the World Cultural Council website (consejoculturalmundial.org).

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