Special Recognitions 2014

As part of the 31st Award Ceremony, the World Cultural Council grants special recognitions to six talented researchers, who early in their careers have had international impact through their research.


Camilla Hollanti
Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Aalto University School of Science

Professor Camilla Hollanti leads a vibrant research group in algebra and number theory. This branch of discrete mathematics is central to applications in coding, computing and communications. Hollanti and her group have made important contributions to space-time codes, distributed storage systems and secure communications.


Katri Kauppi
Assistant Professor in Logistics
Aalto University School of Business

Professor Katri Kauppi is a prolific researcher whose work covers the areas of public procurement, e-procurement, global sourcing, maverick buying, fair trade supply chains and using organisational theories in purchasing research. Kauppi has previously worked as an assistant professor and lecturer at Nottingham University Business School and Manchester Business School. Her research has been awarded at the annual Euroman Operations Management Association conference twice, in 2011 and 2014. Kauppi was invited to be a member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letter's Academy Club for Young Scientists in 2013 -2014.

Mauri Kostiainen by _Adolfo_Vera_small.jpg

Mauri Kostiainen
Assistant Professor in Polymer Technology
Aalto University School of Chemical Technology

Professor Mauri Kostiainen’s research group focuses on biohybrid materials, which allow the best features of synthetic and biological material types to be combined. His scientific merits are excellent, including e.g. papers in Nature Nanotechnology and Nature Chemistry. Professor Kostiainen belongs to the Academy of Finland's Centre of Excellence in Molecular Engineering of Biosynthetic Hybrid Materials Research. 

Matti Kuittinen by Anni Hanén_small.jpg

Matti Kuittinen
Doctoral Candidate, Department of Architecture
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Doctoral Candidate Matti Kuittinen leads an interdisciplinary, practice-based research group within SMART – The Art of Structures and Materials. His work focuses on the groundbreaking interaction of wooden architecture, carbon footprint, life-cycle assessment, energy efficiency and humanitarian aid. He is a member of the emergency preparedness team at Finn Church Aid and one of the leading specialists in humanitarian project management and construction in Finland.


Jani Romanoff
Assistant Professor in Marine Technology
Aalto University School of Engineering

Professor Jani Romanoff is the very first professor appointed in this field at Aalto University and has already succeeded in obtaining a significant research grant from the Academy of Finland and a Finland Distinguished Professor grant from Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. For a young professor, Romanoff has established an impressive research record with more than 20 ISI publications in the past three years.

Savin Hele by Anni Hanén

Hele Savin
Assistant Professor in Micro and Nanoelectronics
Aalto University 
School of Electrical Engineering

Professor Hele Savin was nominated to Aalto University following a highly competitive application process. Immediately after the nomination, she received the prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant to study phenomena that cause decline of efficiency in solar cells over time. In 2013, Savin and her group succeeded in reaching a world record 18.7% in black silicon solar cells using a novel surface passivation scheme. 


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